Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watch It!

One of these days I will get an essay finished for Baha'i the Way.  One of these days.  In the meantime...

Continuing my series on good things Baha'is are doing, here is a beautiful video about a project in Cambodia.  I can't actually see it on my screen embedded here (I have an old system).  So if you can't see it either follow this link to YouTube.

While we're chatting here...I have a couple questions/ requests too.  Long ago I picked up a supposed quote from the Bab, "The mystery of sacrifice is there is no sacrifice." Now I can't find a source.  Does anybody know if it is authentic or has another documented origin?

Also, if anybody knows of any articles, essays, books, passages of scripture, etc. pertinent to the subject of Baha'i theology of body, illness, or disability I would be grateful for the tips.  You can mention them in a comment or email me at ms leaf at wildblue dot net.