Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Minus the Facial Hair

It's winter in Vermont.

It's what you call beautiful.

Out every window . . .



living room,

and from the driveway.

On cold insomniac nights the wind rushes through the clear cut across our road to howl in the trees on our hillside, while I shuffle about the 55 degree house unable to build a fire (we heat with wood), unwilling to wake Larry. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror I think that I, in my new wool hat, remind myself of someone. Suddenly, after a few nights of wondering, I know who it is, and pulling out my Basic Baha’i Dictionary I find the image.

Yes . . . in that new hat, Ms. Leaf bears a suspicious resemblance to Baha'i calligrapher Mishkin-Qalam.

At least, it seemed that way at 3:00 am.

(A real post is coming soon, probably.)

(I think I can. I think I can.)

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kaweah said...

I happen to be reading the book "Ravens in Winter" by U Vermont zoologist Bernd Heinrich. The book, though very illustrative of the survival tactics of ravens, doesn't provide photos on New England in winter. Thanks for completing the picture! -Dan